Prairie Grass Stripper

Prairie Grass Stripper

In 1999 we had the privilege of putting a face to a name we had only saw pass thru our shop in the past. John and Randy Seymour, now known as Roundstone Native Seed.

John and Randy introduced us to Native Grasses. After talking to them and seeing what they were trying to accomplish, we set out to build our first generation seed stripper, it would be our first stripper as well as the first pull type stripper Roundstone would own, through merging there ideas and ours we came up with a dual brush variable speed stripper that was eight feet in width, completely hydraulic driven and unlike anything on the market at that time, that stripper appears to have served them well.

With the growth of Roundstone came orders for two more strippers, this allowed us to address the problems we came across in the first generation stripper, and develop our second generation stripper we refer to as Genesis Grassland Harvester, the stripper was totally redesigned into what you see in the photos here, a hydraulic operated machine that can sweep the dirt on the ground or harvest seed as high as ten feet off the ground. The dual brush head is adjustable in several ways, the variable speed motors allow the operator to change brush speeds easily, and head height control is at the operator’s fingertips, the one pc. Brushes help eliminate skips, the large tire help absorb some of what mother nature has to offer. The eight foot wide head makes this one of the larger harvesters on the market, we feel it is one of the most durable machines available today.

We are always open to customer suggestions and ideas.

We now have a machine as far away as Nebraska, so we can gather some feed back from there as well. Thanks John and Randy for allowing us to be a part of Roundstone Native Seed.